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Ferdig Real Estate is owned and operated by Ute Ferdig, a licensed California real estate broker and attorney. 

We specialize in residential real estate sales and pride ourselves in paying attention to every detail to ensure a successful transaction.  In recent years, we have specialized in successfully negotiating short sales and we keep up with the constantly changing rules and regulations that apply to short sales.  We are not afraid to take on the most challenging circumstances and we are known for our persistence.  While we cannot guarantee that the lender will approve the short sale, we promise that we never give up and never surrender (we have even successfully reversed a foreclosure and closed a short sale after the investor refused to postpone the foreclosure sale).    

We study foreclosures almost daily and have found that the great majority of foreclosed homes were never on the market as short sales.   We believe that people have different ways of dealing with financial difficulties.  Some hope the problem will go away, others fall into a paralizing depression and then there are those who will explore every option to avoid foreclosure. Our goal is to help disstressed home owners understand what their options are by helping them evaluate their particular situation and assist them in putting together a plan that works best for them.  If we determine that a short sale is a suitable foreclosure alternative for you, we would like to earn your business.


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